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Capitalizing on the chance of hosting 2009 World Design Congress in Beijing, Beijing Design Week launched its first session in Beijing in October 2009. It was authorized by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Beijing Municipal Government. Since 2011, Beijing Design Week was held each year jointly by Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group and Beijing Industrial Design Center. It usually opens from the end of September and the beginning of October. The 2012 Beijing Design Week became the first large international design and creativity event in Beijing after Beijing wins the title of City of Design entitled by UNESCO. It recognized by Dezeen as one of the A-level design events in the world, which is the only creativity event been chosen in the mainland. With Beijing Design Week finding its presence in world creativity and design map, it has grown to be the biggest and most influential Asian platform for design exhibition, promotion, exchange and trading. In 2015, Beijing Design Week was designated by the State Council to be an international cultural event to be held annually in the capital city and held constantly be the Ministry of Culture and Beijing Municipal Government.

With eight years of practices and learning, Beijing Design has developed ten major sections, namely Design Night, Theme Exhibition, Guest City, Design Expo, Design Trade, Design Awards, Beijing Design Forum, Design Hop and Fashion Beijing. It established a public serve platform for the sustainable development of creative and design industry. The week when it opens has become a week for interaction with the public, the professionals and the businesses.


“design 2020” have been set forward for discussing the interlinks between design and the people, the city and the businesses. Many other hot topics during previous sessions of Beijing Design Week includes “Eco-civilization”, “Smart Life”, “Livable City”, “Rejuvenation of Urban Commerce”, “Transformation of Urban Functions”, “Design Consumption”, “Upgrading of Manufacturing”, “Design Service”, “the Type, Quality and Brand of Industrial Consumer Goods”.

The theme of 2017 Beijing Design Week is “Design+”.


From 2011 to 2016, the number of visitors to Beijing Design Weekincreased by 16%. Over 500 design activities, including exhibitions,forums, trade negations, salons, were held during 2016 Beijing DesignWeek, more doubled from the level of 2011. Over 150 projects havebeen brought to Beijing by hundreds of designers or design studiosfrom around the world.

2016 Beijing Design Week attracted nearly 8 million visitors and over20 million online-watching from around the world. Visiting BeijingDesign Week during the National Day holiday has become a new trendfor high-end cultural tourism.


Since 2011, Beijing Design Week has invited a broad range of socialresources to host activities under its framework. A few creative anddesign venues, fashion malls, design schools, high-tech companies anddesign companies have joined us. The list encompasses, to name just afew, Dashilan, Shichahai, 751 Design Square, 1949 Creativity Park,BICT Innovation Park, Kerry Center, Yintai Center, Dongsi•5L Meet,Indigo, Taikoo Li, New Yansha Shopping Mall, Solana, Paradise Walk,Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, BICT,Lenovo Group and Ali Group.

Since 2015, with the support of government departments of Beijing,Tianjing and Hebei, side venues of Beijing Design Week have beenopened in Tianjing and Hebei. It helps to promote the outward flow ofactivities, resources and investment from downtown to suburban areasand from Beijing and Tianjing and Hebei.


The guest cities of Beijing Design Week are London (2011). Milan(2012), Amsterdam(2013), Barcelona(20140, Dubai(2015), Seoul(2016). Each city brings their brilliant design ideas, which hasgradually developed an interactive international design network.

During each Beijing Design Week, exhibitions and exchanges havebeen made with designers, design institutes, design studios andcompanies from scores of countries such as Australia, Denmark,Germany, United Kingdom, ROK and Netherlands. Many participantsregard this event as an important occasion for finding cooperationopportunities. Beijing Design Week has also become an incubationplatform for international design cooperation.


During the operation cycle of 2016 Beijing Design Week, the contract,trade and investment value amounted to 10 billion yuan. BeijingDesign Week brought in 25 million yuan of social investment andcommercial sponsorship. An investment of 400 million yuan has beenchanneled to the side venues, cooperation projects and franchisingprojects, among which 50 million came from overseas sources.


Beijing Design Week has won the eyeballs of domestic and foreignmedia because of its foresight and practical manner. Our mediapartners include, naming a few, Xinhua News Agency, People’ s Daily,CCTV, Beijing Daily, Beijing TV, Tencent, Netease, LeTV, Sina, Sohu,CNN and Associated Press. In 2016, Beijing Design Week wasinterviewed by CNN to be a symbolic feature of Made in China. BeijingTV and Beijing Daily kept a daily news update during 2016 Beijingdesign Week.

Public Space Media, such as CityTV and BJMTR, gives high frequencyof video broadcasting of every year’ s Design Week. There has been over100 million times of retweets or spreads by internet forwarding andwe-media spreading.

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